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 Warm-hearted family restaurant

Restaurant Sivakka at Etelärinne slope is a warm-hearted and cosy family restaurant with old skiing gear used in the interior decoration.

 Sivakka's tasty hamburger and rieska wrap meals and provide energy for a day on skis.

 Coffee with bun on the sunny outdoor terrace crowns a short break.


Upstairs for a beer





Bar Karhu serves upstairs of Restaurant Sivakka. If you get thirsty after a long stretch of skiing, this is the place for you.

Café Nietos

In Café Nietos we offer you versitale café products, coffee, bewerages, salty and sweet snacks.

Sivakka open 9.30-18 from Nov 22nd:

Café Nietos open 9.30-18:

Dec 4th - 6th

Dec 18th - Jan 10th

Feb 5th - May 1st

Tel. 0207 960 287, address: Tievantie 4